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Book Summary: Cry the Darkness

This summary is meant to inform readers of the plot and theme of Donna L. Friess’ book, Cry the Darkness.

  • Donna L. Friess, P.H.D.
  • 275 pp.
  • Appropriate for mature high school readers.

Donna L. Friess’ novel, Cry the Darkness, is her own story about the sexual abuse she and other female members of her family suffered from her father. Her story is one of working through the shame, and making a better life for herself and her family. When she learns that her little niece is also being abused Donna is given the much needed courage to bring her father to court. Though faced with extreme danger, Donna fights to stop the vicious cycle of rape. Read on to see what happens to her father, if justice brought forth, and if Donna is able to find peace.



Friess, D.L. (1993). Cry the darkness one woman’s triumph over the tragedy of incest . Deerfield Beach, FL.: HCI.