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Extra-curricular Reflection #1

Activity Day at Middle School

6a00d8341fa9ad53ef00e54f0c5a108833-800wiOn special days at our middle school, the academic day ends early and students and teachers participate in a variety of fun activities- Activity Day! On this particular day, several tables were set up with games like “guess what’s in the box”, where students stuck their hands in a black box only to feel slimy spaghetti or Jell-O. Other tables had puzzles and board games, while the gym shook from the bass as the school dance took place. It was fun to see students relaxed and in a non-classroom setting. As I helped to direct the “guess what’s in the box” activity, I was able to connect with my students on a more personal level, joke around with them, and observe their friend groups outside the classroom. It was also helpful to see where students’ interests took them. Some students preferred to dance the whole time, while others preferred to sit at the doodle-design activity table.


Understanding students’ interests will definitely help me as I plan math lessons and activities. This will especially be helpful as I look to connect math topics with the real life experiences of my students.