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E1-Exemplify professionally-informed, growth centered practice.

E1-Exemplify professionally-informed, growth centered practice.

Teacher-candidates develop reflective, collaborated, professional growth-centered practices through regularly evaluating the effects of his/her teaching through feedback and reflection.

As a teacher, I am to reflect on my progress and growth as an educator. This reflection, along with feedback from supervisors will help me refine my skills and become a more effective teacher.

One way that I have reflected upon my professional practices has been through the creation of a Draft Professional Growth Plan Documents (DPGP: Josie Becker Draft for DPGP). In this draft, I have reflected upon four rubrics and self-evaluated my skills and abilities in the corresponding categories. Following my reflection, one of my education professors gave my feedback in order to prompt for further details and deeper reflection. This enabled me to further dissect my skills as a teacher and determine areas for future growth.

In creating this DPGP, I had the opportunity to reflect on my skills as a teacher and determine areas of growth in order to teach more effectively. This directly relates to student learning as well, in that while I give them regular feedback, as a teacher I should look to get feedback from my students, peers, and superiors in order to continue be as soft clay, sculpted to best teach and serve those around me.