The paths to "Eureka" moments: Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Education

Teachers versus Students Volleyball

The tension built as we walked out on the court. Our adversaries were warming up with their traditional drills, their uniforms and knee pads giving them the professional edge over our mismatched bare-kneed team of teachers and interns. As we began playing, our objective was obvious- get the ball over the net. Out opponents however, as an experienced team, worked to touch the ball three times before sending it flying in our direction. While we were inexperienced and sloppy, our strategy began paying off as we kept pace with the skilled middle school girls’ team. It was teachers versus students, and it was close. Our simple but effective strategy won out in the end as the teachers won, beating the students by 7 in the last game.

images (1)This experience was awesome. At first I was nervous as I was thought dressing down would make me “less of a teacher” in the mind of my students. Instead, it seemed to humanize me to my students, showing them I was competitive and enjoyed athletics. Students and principal cheered together as both teams focused on the little white ball flying back and forth across the court. In the end, the teachers won. I didn’t like this outcome as I thought it would probably be best to let students win, since teachers had also won in the basketball game. However, the students took it well and everyone seemed to have a good time.


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