The paths to "Eureka" moments: Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Education

Pictures and letters in Math Class??

Two Writing-To-Learn techniques that I will be using in my classroom are illustrations/pictures and teacher correspondence. Encouraging my students to draw Illustrations and pictures as a routine part of our math assignments not only gives them a creative outlet but it provides students to see math in a different visual perspective. Corresponding regularly with my students in the form of short notes will provide feedback, produce cues for individualized instruction, give insight into the learning styles of my students, and finally, guide differentiation.

Both of these writing tools are learner centered.

Illustrations and pictures allow students to create their own visual aid to deepen their understanding of a concept. For example, if given a word problem, each of five students could read that problem and then draw out the important pieces they feel vital to solving the problem. Depending on the problem and the variables they chose to emphasize, multiple correct solutions could be found using the aid of different visuals.

Teacher correspondence through letter writing would be personal. Several times a year, I will ask the students to write a short letter to me which answer several prompts about the class material as well as how they are doing individually. As I respond to each, students will see their value and get immediate feedback on their misunderstandings. While this may be time consuming, I feel it will be worth it!

Discussion Question: Can we please talk more about Learning Logs, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, and Buttpads? Specifically Learning logs? With all this paper floating around, I’m seeing chaos if organization isn’t implemented right.


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