The paths to "Eureka" moments: Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Education

At this point in my academic career, certain thinking mechanisms have now become simply automatic. Reading fits this category. However, as I read “Subjects Matter: Every Teacher’s Guide to Content Area-Reading” I found that this involuntary skill has been developed as a result of learned strategies. Several tools that I frequently use include: Visualization, Question, and Evaluation.

In the classroom, it will be my job as the teacher, to provide my students with a tool box of strategies from which they can use the most appropriate tools for their personal learning styles. To do this, I will first teach my students how to use the strategies effectively, and then post cues on my classroom walls to remind them the tools are always at their disposal. To implement the strategies in my lessons, I will assign pre-readings prior to class, and spend class time reviewing the text before jumping into math exercises and activities. My hope is that the students will in this way, be able to build on a foundation of learning in the classroom.

Discussion Questions:

1) What are some ways that these strategies can be introduced?

2) What is a good way to provide an incentive for reading prior to class?

Citation: Chapters 1-2 Subjects Matter: Every Teacher’s Guide to Content-Area Reading,

by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman


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